Clogged Drain


The drains throughout your house were created for one job: Draining water. Unfortunately, water isn’t the only thing going down your drains. Sometimes you can’t do anything about that; it would be hard to catch every strand of hair and keep it from going down the drain. But I’ll walk you through some steps to keep your drains clear and water flowing freely through your pipes.

First, let’s look at the three types of drains in your house.

Kitchen Sink

This is probably the easiest place to control what goes down your drain. This is also the place where the most junk goes down. Grease, food scraps, paper products, coffee grounds, and more end up going down your drain whether intentionally or not. Even with a garbage disposal installed this drain can clog and cause problems. (Read my best garbage disposal tips here.)

Bathroom Sink

This drain probably has the fewest clogs, but there is one main culprit that can cause some trouble: Human hair. Hair has a tendency to stick to whatever it comes in contact with, and your drains and pipes are no exception. The slow build up over time can cause problems and whether your hair is long or short doesn’t matter. Given enough time, the slow accumulation of hair can cause a clog.

Bathroom Tub

This is another place where hair can accumulate, probably more than the bathroom sink since this is where shampooing and conditioning happen. But there are other culprits as well. Bar soaps and salt or sugar scrubs can cause lots of trouble. The smallest chunk of bar soap can get stuck to the side of your drain and last quite a while before it goes away, especially if there’s other stuff in the drain (like hair) accumulating as well.

Those are the most common things that can get stuck in your drains and cause a clog. Obviously there are other causes as well, like small toys, jewelry, contact lenses or cases, your cell phone … you get the picture. Flushable wipes are common as well, and even though technically yes, you can flush them (as the name suggests), they accumulate and cause problems, too.

The type and placement of your pipes can be the cause of problems as well. The more turns and bends there are, especially if the diameter is small, the more likely you are to have clogged pipes eventually.

So, don’t let clogged drains ruin your day. Here are some solutions that will keep your drains clog-free for longer!

  1. Scrape as much leftover food from your plate into the trash can as possible. Remember, your garbage disposal is designed to take care of any food scraps that accidentally go down your drain, not to be a second trash can. Read more of my garbage disposal tips here.

  2. Install a drain strainer. These can be annoying to have to clean out, but they’ll also keep excess food and other things from escaping down your drain and causing clogs.

  3. Use Bio-Clean! Regular use of this green, environmentally friendly, and healthy product will keep your drains clear and operating correctly for a long time. Bio-Clean takes care of anything that might be collecting in your drains by biodegrading it and rinsing it down. DON’T use Drain-o or other harsh chemicals in your drains, because they can eat away at the pipes over time.

Follow these tips and keep your drains in excellent condition for years to come! You won’t need to call me out as often because you’ll be able to take care of minor clogs on your own. But if a major backup or clog does occur, don’t forget to give Plumb Smart a call! (404) 427-0302

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