Protect Your Home Against Leaks, Conserve Water, and Save Money, All With This New System

There Will Be Over 2 Million Water Damage Claims Filed This Year In the United States.

Water leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Did you know imperceptible leaks can waste your water and money each month?

10% of U.S. homes waste 90 gallons of water/day because of water leaks.

Causes of Preventable Damage

More than 8% of homes will leak water this year due to aging systems, mechanical failures and environmental factors. Here’s the root of most leak destruction:

Pipes: Certain water chemistries speed up the eventual breakdown of metal and plastic plumbing, while defects, freezing and excessive pressure cause immediate, high volume failures.

Fittings: Bathroom and kitchen fixtures and appliances throughout the home use supply lines that can fail unexpectedly.

Appliances: A water heater lifecycle typically ends with a leak, while washers and refrigerators experience multiple failure points.

Even one drop per second may unleash hundreds or thousands of gallons if it goes undetected, causing major flood damage and an environment for growth of harmful mold. 

Hi. I’m Paul Little, and I’ve been a Master Plumber for 30 years. I teach homeowners and others how to be plumb smart to avoid plumbing emergencies.

I want to introduce you to a product that can save you thousands of dollars and protect your home and family from plumbing emergencies!

t’s a complete home water protection system that detects leaks and automatically shuts off the water to your house.

It’s called Phyn.

Phyn sends real-time notifications the second a leak is detected and syncs with your smartphone so with the tap of your screen you can remotely shut off the water to your whole house.

And in the case of a catastrophic leak, it will automatically turn off the water for you.

We all know the most catastrophic leaks occur when we aren’t there to notice them. Whether we’re sleeping, out of town, or just running errands, our homes are susceptible to unnoticeable or major leaks.

But now we won’t have to be home and awake 24/7 to protect our homes against costly leaks and major catastrophes. Phyn does it for us.

Daily “Plumbing Checks” Alert You To Changes In Water Pressure And Other Irregularities So You’re Never Caught Off Guard.

Now you don’t have to be surprised by plumbing emergencies, because Phyn already detected the potential for them and alerted you to the danger.

From a single device, you can guarantee the protection of your whole home. It connects to your existing wifi network and keeps your home safe whether you’re there or away.

Phyn is a 24/7 surveillance device thats sole purpose is to detect and alert you to potential emergencies. But it doesn’t wait for you to shut off the water, it acts for you, meaning you can leave for the day or a week and have peace of mind knowing Phyn will shut off your water at the first sign of a leak.

One of the best things about Phyn is that the device only costs $850 + installation.

Phyn also helps conserve water so there’s always plenty for everyone.

Did you know that in the US, 10% of homes have water leaks that waste 90 gallons of water each a day? 

And a study by Michigan State University estimates that if this trend continues, in five years nearly one third of the US will lack affordable access to water.

“Plumbing emergencies only happen to other people. I don’t have anything to worry about.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a frantic call from customers who returned from a vacation only to discover their basement had flooded, or a pipe had burst, or a leak had started and they had water damage to clean up.

It’s not simply “water damage,” though. You have to get several big fans to dry out the mess. Then there’s usually carpet to rip out (and replace). And those cardboard boxes you thought your old photos and heirlooms would be okay in? Yeah, those are ruined, too.

The cost to clean up the mess and replace flooring is bad enough. But the heirlooms and photos can’t be replaced. Insurance money won’t give those back to you.

We always think this will happen to someone else — not to us. This is a dangerous mindset. It keeps us from facing the possibility of disaster and proactively planning for it. Thinking we’re immune from plumbing emergencies can cost big time in the long run.

Being prepared is as simple as scheduling an installation. Phyn takes care of the rest so you never have to wonder or worry about it.

Let Phyn Do The Heavy Lifting For You.

Phyn protects your entire home by constantly monitoring your pipes and fixtures for leaks.

Its small size is unobtrusive, and the sleek design keeps it from being obnoxious and unsightly.

Phyn is controlled from one device and connects to your home’s wifi network so you’re always connected.

Phyn Monitors Constantly So You Never Have To Worry.

Phyn uses patented, high-definition pressure wave sensing to alert you the second a leak is detected.

Have peace of mind knowing Phyn is at work for you and will alert you as soon as a leak is detected so your valuables are always safe.

Phyn gets smarter over time.

It learns how you and your family uses water so it can help you understand areas where you can conserve water, saving you money over the long term.
One device for your entire home.

Phyn utilizes sensors throughout your house where you think leaks are likely to occur. It connects to your existing wifi so you don’t have to set up another network.

Phyn only costs $850 + installation.

Phyn is the best in its class when it comes to leak detection devices. It’s the least expensive one I’ve found and I have it installed in my own home because I don’t ever want to be surprised by leaks.


Phyn Is Like The Friend You Never Knew You Needed But Don’t Want To Live Without.

Phyn is coming to the Atlanta metro area soon. It was created after a decade of research and development, and is guaranteed to protect your home, save money, and conserve water usage.

It can only be installed by certified installation experts, and the plumbers at Plumb Smart are certified technicians to get your system set up and running quickly. If you agree you’re ready for the protection and money-saving capabilities Phyn has to offer, you can be among the first to have Phyn installed by signing up below.

Phyn Helps The World Speak The Language Of Water.


A few years ago, UN Water released a troubling statistic: In less than 20 years, two out of three people on the planet could face the reality of life with limited clean water. Seem unlikely? The possibility is quickly becoming a reality, causing the UAE to consider towing broken slabs of Antarctica’s ice shelf across the ocean so Dubai can combat drought.

And in case you’re thinking, “Well, I live in the United States of America. We don’t have serious water shortages here”, estimates from a Michigan State University study indicate that in just five years, nearly one-third of the US will lack access to clean water. This is because 10% of homes in America today have tiny leaks that waste nearly 90 gallons of water … per day. 

To put that in perspective: 12.6 million homes have leaks that are wasting 90 gallons of water per day. Each of those homes wastes 32,850 gallons of water per year.

Not only do those leaks cost us clean water, but cost the average household between $2,500 and $8,000 in water damage repairs. All that waste can be eliminated through the installation of a single device in each home, saving money, time, and water.

So what ​are you waiting for?

Make Phyn a Permanent Member of the Family.

Phyn takes all of those problems — the waste of time, water, money, and diminishing resource of water — and offers a simple, out of sight, out of mind solution.

For a one-time installation, you can rest knowing you’re not only keeping hard-earned money in your pocket, but also making sure your family and others like yours always have enough clean water.

One-Time Installation. Real-time alerts keep you informed of any changes in water pressure or warning signs there might be a problem.

​Home Protection Made Simple. An alert to your mobile devices allows you to turn off your water within seconds of a leak detection.

More Water for Everyone. Phyn learns about your family’s water usage to make sure there’s always enough clean water for everyone.

Welcome Phyn To Your Family

With Phyn installed in your home, you no longer have to worry about leaks ruining your valuables. You’ll never have to spend thousands of dollars on costly replacements or repairs. And you can go on vacation knowing you’ll be alerted the second a leak is detected and can shut your water off immediately.

Invest In The Protection Of Your Home And Family By Adding Phyn Today

​I used to recommend a different water shut off system, and it worked pretty well. But Phyn’s connectivity to wifi and an app and the lower cost make it a superior product. I want home water protection to be accessible to everyone, and Phyn makes it easier for us all to preserve water and protect our valuables from destruction.

Don’t let the cost of Phyn keep you from investing today. Remember, most water damage in homes can cost thousands of dollars in repairs, so taking a small but important step now keeps more money in your pocket in the long run.

Here’s What Phyn Does For You:

Monitors your home water usage to learn how your family uses water.

Detects irregularities that could be leaks and alerts you immediately.

​Automatically shuts off your water in case of a leak.

Connects to your existing wifi network for constant connectivity and monitoring.

​Helps you waste less water and save more money.

​Protects your home and valuables from being destroyed by water

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