“My lifestyle is a healthy one… And why not start with water? I wanted great water, not only to drink, but to cook with, to bathe in. I love the way the water feels. I love the way it tastes!”  – Cari Marshall

Would you keep reading if I promised that you can get 2.5 million gallons of filtered water to your home for only a ¼ of a cent per gallon?

That’s a 10 year supply guaranteed and it’s totally maintenance free!

Yes, I’m talking about a whole house water filter, and…

  • Yes! It’s guaranteed to filter 2.5 million gallons of water – about a 10 year supply
  • ​Yes! It’s maintenance free! Set it and forget it
  • Yes! There are no pre-filters to remember to replace
  • checkYes! It’s designed to deliver a whopping 35 gallons of water per minute
  • checkYes! That means you will never experience any pressure loss, AND…
  • checkYES! Your cost, including plumbing installation, purging and cleansing your home’s water delivery system of all the old water, testing, a one year check up inspection, and 2 year labor warranty is about $0.0025 cents per gallon.

Introducing The Whole House Water Filter From Environmental Water Systems!

“I don’t have to change cartridges. And when I thought about showering in all that chlorinated water, it’s horrible for your body. Now, all the water in my house is filtered! You know, I love the fact that when I’m in the shower I can literally drink the shower water, and it’s good water!” Reggie Reynolds

But Isn’t My Water Already Clean?

It’s CLEAR, But Not Necessarily CLEAN!

CHLORINE is a disinfectant and kills pathogens and it’s good that municipalities use it to protect the public water supply, but…

Chlorine is also highly corrosive, and long time exposure in even small amounts is detrimental to your health.

Watch these two short videos:

But What Really Is So Bad About Chlorine?

  • It’s corrosive. It causes oxidative stress to your body, especially when introduced through skin and lungs.
  • It aggravates asthma
  • It dries out your scalp and hair
  • It contributes to indoor air pollution
  • It weakens your immune system

And if you have allergies, even mild exposure can cause:

  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Nose and throat irritation
  • Excessive salivation
  • General excitement or restlessness

It’s Not Just Chlorine You Should Worry About

Wait, What Else Is In My Tap Water?

  • Trihalomethanes or THMs – These are in the halogen family of chemicals and are produced as a result of chemical reactions between chlorine and organic matter in the water supply. They’re considered to be environmental pollutants and are carcinogens.
  • Pharmaceutical residuals – Pharmaceutical drugs have been found in the water supply of every major American city. Tiny amounts, consumed over many years, can cause adverse physical, mental, and psychological harm. Georgia provided insufficient data to be included in EWG’s database. I wonder why.
  • Fluoride – An EPA registered poison. What are the effects of excess levels of fluoride and why are they different for children and adults?
  • Pesticides – You must remember that the public water supply is TREATED, not FILTERED. Pesticides cannot be removed unless your water is filtered.
  • Contamination due to water main breaks – During a water main break, contaminants are sucked into the pipes due to back pressure on the system. The chlorine in the system is not always enough to kill all the new contaminants sucked into the system. This is why municipalities warn residents to boil their water during such incidents.
  • Biofilm contaminants such as E. Coli in storage tanks and distribution pipes – The point of compliance for any municipal water supply is at the entry point to the distribution system, not downstream where biofilm related nitrification may occur.

Should I list the other 79,994 contaminants that are potentially in the public water supply?

The EWS whole house water filter I recommend removes them all!

I purchased this system last month for myself and my wife since we had no filter on the house.

The water smells/tastes incredible and we are very pleased with our purchase. My wife will fill up bottles at the kitchen sink because of the filter, so I would estimate we save about $600 per year in bottled water, not to mention we don’t have to put all the bottles in the trash or recycling. 

Pros: water tastes great, no chlorine smell in the shower, was easy for the plumber to install, don’t have to mess with the system at all

Cons: none I can think of at the moment…might be a little cost prohibitive for some, but it was worth it for us.


“What I really like most about the whole thing is, the white calcium stuff in my fixtures? That completely dissipated.

The dishwasher cleans much better. There were no more residual spots on my dishes. That was one of the biggest visual things for me.

I guess the other thing is working with the people that installed it. They did a great job and I’m happier than all get out with it!”

Mary Shields

You’re reading this because you want to take control of your family’s health…

Are There Alternative Solutions?

Here’s what most people do. They find a DIY that ends up costing more in the short and long term. 

How do I know? I’m the plumber that goes to people’s houses to fix their plumbing. I see all the makeshift, stop gap things people come up with to filter their water. Here are the top things I hear:

“I’ll just buy bottled water.”

  • You may be drinking clean water, but your body is absorbing all the toxins when you wash your hands, clothes, and dishes, and when you bathe.
  • You absorb more chlorine and other pollutants through your skin while bathing than drinking.
  • When you absorb chlorine and other contaminants through your skin, it goes directly into your bloodstream.
  • minus-circleBelieve it or not, when you shower, you absorb chlorine and THMs directly into your lungs by breathing.

“I’ll install a shower head filter.”

  • You will spend more money filtering water to only one fixture than buying a whole house water filter system.
  • Chlorine removal is not as effective when the water is hot. You can never remove all chlorine with a shower head filter.
  • You will be changing out filter cartridges every three months. Are you going to remember to do that?

“Okay. I’ll install a filter at the kitchen sink faucet, too.”

  • Well, now you’re just putting bandaids on the problem.
  • You’re constantly dealing with low pressure issues when the filters get clogged.
  • Now you’ve got 3 partial, yet inadequate solutions to a problem.
  • minus-circleYou’ll be buying bottled water, and changing out two types of filters every three months.
  • minus-circleAnd let’s face it, you’re not going to change those filters every time.

Add up the costs involved in all these separate solutions and keep it in mind for what I’ll show you in a bit.

As we talk solutions, you have to realize:

YOU Are the Last Line of Defense

That’s right! It really is true. The bottom line is, if you want SAFE, CLEAN, HEALTHY water for you and your family, at every tap in your home, it’s up to you to provide it.

You must filter out the contaminants in your water supply at the entry point to your home.

The easiest, simplest, and safest way to do this is with a whole house filter system.

But what kind? What brand? How big? How much?

The hard part is sorting through all the BS to find the truth and come up with the best solution. It’s easy to know we want clean water and as the end user it’s up to us make it that way, but there are endless options out there and everyone is clamoring for your dollars… except me. I’ll let you ruminate on that for a minute or two…

I don’t really care which filter you get. I make a little bit on sales if you buy the filter I’m going to suggest, but the reality is, so few see the need for a whole house water filter, I would go broke if my entire plumbing business was based on water filtration.

I did several years research determining which one is the best and I don’t get any kind of commissions, payments, kick backs, etc. for promoting them. If you care to know, here is the criteria I used to make my decision:

  • It Must Filter a Lot of Water Before Needing Replacement. I’m lazy okay? Who wants to be messing with it all the time changing out pre-filters and stuff like that?
  • It Must Handle a High Volume of Water With No Pressure Loss. Who wants the pressure fluctuating because I’m using too much water for the filter to handle all at one time?
  • It Must Have a Good Warranty Period. Don’t you want a whole house filter from a well respected company who’s been in business over 30 years and has a track record for good customer support where a real, live person will answer the phone?
  • checkIt Must Be Totally Made in the USA. Isn’t it nice to find high quality products made right here at home?

I actually love that it’s maintenance free. I mean there’s nothing I have to do. So, I turn on the tap and there it is. It conditions the water without using salts, and that whole mess. It’s just maintenance free. 

Cari Marshall

You’ll Have Fewer Plumbing Repairs and All Your Plumbing Fixtures Will Last Much Longer!

A whole house water filter is the last line of defense for your family’s health… and for the life of your plumbing system!

3 Plumbing System Benefits Of A Whole House Water Filter

  • 1Chlorine corrodes toilet flappers, even the “chlorine resistant” ones. It doesn’t matter. No chlorine, no corroded flappers!
  • 2The average life of a water heater is 8-12 years. Remove the chlorine and you can double the life and save yourself the hassle and expense of replacing your water heater!
  • 3Leaky faucets are caused by corrosion of parts and debris in the water system. An EWS whole house water filter removes both of these threats.

Environmental Water Systems Spectrum Series

  • 1This is the only whole house filter on the market that can deliver an incredible 35 gallons per minute of water through your pipes.
  • 2It is the only one on the market that will filter 2.5 million gallons of filtered water before needing any maintenance.
  • 3For a family of five, that means at least a 10 year supply of water!
  • 4Best of all, there are no pre-filters to mess with and change every month.
  • 5And, it is the only whole house water filter manufactured and assembled in the USA since 1987!

Why? Because Chlorine Damages Your Plumbing System!

Chlorine will eventually corrode and dissolve every type of pipe. Don’t believe it when plumbers tell you PEX piping is the greatest pipe and is impervious to everything. They said the same thing about:

    • Lead pipe: Chlorine causes lead to leak into your water, which leads to neurological and developmental problems.

    • Galvanized iron pipe: Chlorine calcifies and clogs with sediment and the pipes rust from the inside out.

    • Copper pipe: Chlorine leaches copper into your water and develops pinhole leaks throughout the system.

    • CPVC pipe: Chlorine leaches chemicals into your water and the pipe becomes extremely brittle.

  • PEX pipe: ?? No one knows yet.

It’s true that all pipes fail eventually. Nothing lasts forever. But chlorine speeds up the destructive process exponentially.

I like it because of more practical reasons.

There’s no maintenance. When I walk through Sam’s Club and I see someone with a cart full of salt, I thought, “Boy, I’m sure glad I have this system.”

I noticed a big difference in the shower. It’s a dramatic difference in the way the shampoo cleans and rinses so much better.

Tyler Webb

The EWS whole house filter will give you and your family a 10 year supply of good tasting, healthy water to drink, bathe in, and wash clothes and dishes in. You will never need to buy bottled water again.

 You will have fewer plumbing problems, your water heater will last longer, your dishes will be cleaner, your clothes will smell fresher, the toilet tank parts will last much longer, and if you haven’t already had leaks on your water pipes, you probably won’t experience any surprise pinhole leaks in your plumbing pipes.

An Environmental Water Systems whole house water filter is the solution to great tasting, healthy water to every tap in your home.

Environmental Water Systems EWS-1354-7000 Model

  • Chlorine-free, filtered water to your water heater, washing machine, dishwasher and every sink, toilet, tub and shower.

  • Protects you and your family from drinking, absorbing, and inhaling chlorine and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) water pollutants.

  • Hassle-free, self-cleaning, user-friendly appliance that only requires a filtration media change-out up to every 10 years.

  • Alleviates symptoms of asthma and allergies by providing chlorine-free filtered water for showering and humidifiers.

  • Eliminates the need for most sink filtration systems and the gimmicks of small showerhead and faucet filters, refrigerator filters, and carafe or pitcher filters.

  • Stops the destructive effects of chlorine – dry skin, brittle hair, skin irritations, and red itchy eyes.

  • Eliminates the need for expensive plastic bottles of water, which helps your budget and the planet.

  • Unparalleled customer service, satisfaction, and expertise.

I Know What You’re Thinking. You’re Dreading How Much It’s Going To Cost Because I Haven’t Mentioned Pricing Yet.

I have good news! Let’s look at some comparisons and I’ll show you that it’s actually the least expensive!

Whole House Water Filters

Includes Water Conditioner

Gallons Filtered

Maintenance Required


Cost to Filter 2.5 Million Gallons

EWS 1354-7000


2.5 million

None for at least 10 years



Aquapure 903



Replace every six months



Vitasalus V700



Pre-Filter 60 Days



Aquasana Rhino 1 Million

With Conditioner

1 million

Pre-filter 6 Months



US Water Systems


1.25 million

None for 5 years



The EWS 1354-7000 Whole House Filter with Conditioner

  • Is the least expensive!

  • Lasts the longest

  • Has no maintenance!

  • Filters the most water!

  • Made in the USA!

  • Has the lowest price per gallon!

Plus, you get the Plumb Smart, Inc. installation guarantee:

  • Expert total installation according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Drain and flush entire plumbing system
  • Safety check on all fixtures
  • Safety check on the entire water delivery system
  • One year check up service to make sure everything is working at optimal performance
  • Two year labor warranty

“It’s simple doing business with Environmental Water Systems because they are there when I call at any time, and it just seemed like they are really good people.”

Reggie Reynolds

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