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Plumbing Repairs

For over 30 years we've specialized in residential plumbing repairs. We're a phone call away and provide expert analysis to figure out the source of all plumbing repairs that are needed. Your home plumbing is important and we always take the time to accurately assess and prescribe a solution. We also work quickly because we know your time is valuable. If we see other problems while we're working on one issue, we'll let you know so you can take care of both at the same time, ultimately saving you money. 

Plumbing Replacements

Whether you're doing a complete remodel or just want to replace some fixtures, Plumb Smart is here to meet all your plumbing replacement needs. We work fast to save you time and money, but we never cut corners and we'll always let you know if the job takes longer than expected. With of 30 years of experience, we can recommend our favorite products and also assess if there are any plumbing repairs that need to happen while we're on the job.

Plumbing Remodels

We specialize in residential remodeling jobs covering a range of projects for your home improvement. We work with amazing contractors who can help you  create your dream spaces and we invest the right time and expertise to make sure you don't have problems with your fixtures or anything else in the future. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels.

Our happy customers say ...

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I sure wish Plumb Smart had been around when we built our home 14 years ago, because the plumbing contractors caused some of our biggest headaches.

On a pretty recent renovation, we had Paul Little do our work. The pricing was good, the men did a great job – and no headaches!

-Regina Aycock // Acworth, GA

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We learned about Plumb Smart through friends and are so glad we did! Paul repaired our big and small problems, and searched for potential ones. He gave us peace of mind when he found no problem where we thought we had one.

Paul moved quickly and efficiently, keeping the hourly charge low. We are glad to have him as our plumber.

-Rachel Gordon // Dallas, GA

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Thank you so much for your recent plumbing repair on my tub. Not only was the tub installed correctly and professionally, but it was done at a reasonable cost. It was also done as promised, in a timely fashion.

I appreciate the fine work you do. As one professional to another, I would recommend you to anyone with a plumbing problem.

-Boyd L. Cribb, Jr. // Lithia Springs, GA

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