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whole house water filter

How to Prevent High Water Pressure | Acworth Plumbers

How to prevent High Water PressureOne of the most common plumbing emergencies I deal with is faulty water heaters. You know, the stuff you think only happens to other people. Flooded homes, soaked carpet, water-logged furniture, destroyed photo albums, the works. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent this damage, and I’ll explain […]

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drop of water

How to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies | Acworth Plumbers

How Can I Prevent a Plumbing Disaster?Did you know it’s possible to prevent a plumbing disaster? Mostly all that’s needed is a little bit of preparation. Follow the tips in this article to be prepared before disaster strikes.As I think back over the years of my plumbing career, three things come to mind that a […]

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Water heater anode rods

The Water Heater Secret Most Suppliers Don’t Want You To Know | Acworth Plumbers

Anode Rods: The Secret To Keeping Your Water Heater Running LongerDid you know your water heater is only built to last about 12 years? After that you’re really dealing with a ticking time bomb and your water heater could go out at any time. This means costly leaks and an emergency replacement, which is always more […]

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